Juja MP Francis Munyua Waititu “Wakapee” Passes On

Juja MP Francis Munyua Waititu “Wakapee” Passes On

Juja Member of Parliament Francis Munyua Waititu aka Wakapee has died.

According to his family, the lawmaker passed on at the MP Shah Hospital where he was receiving treatment.

“It’s with deep sorrow that we announce the passing on of our loving Dad, Hon. Francis Munyua Waititu, MP Juja. May his soul rest in eternal peace and may God grant us the divine grace to accept his will,” 

said the late MP’s wife.

The MP passed on on the evening of Monday, 22nd, February, after a long battle with cancer.

How It Started

In 2016, the MP lost his sister to stage 4 liver cancer, just months after being diagnosed. He and his sister were close, and this hard-hitting loss made him urge his mother to get screened. His mother was diagnosed with stage 2 brain cancer.

However, after a few months of treatment she was declared cancer-free and urged her son to get screened too. It was then that Wakapee was also diagnosed with stage 2 brain cancer.

This was despite feeling he was in good health and not showing any signs of illness.

In March 2018, the MP announced that he had been successfully treated and declared cancer free. However, the disease came back and he was forced to return to treatment.

Battling The Disease

It was while receiving treatment in India that Wakapee revealed the predicament many Kenyans are going through.

“It is no longer a secret that many people are suffering in silence from cancer. Nobody wants to talk about it because of the stigma,” said the late MP.

He further revealed that there are 63 Members of Parliament and Senators battling the disease.

“Kenyans seeking cancer treatment in India are suffering. They cannot find anywhere to lay down heads and end up sleeping in trenches because they cannot afford renting the expensive houses there,” 

he added.

His revelations elicited a national conversation on the disease as he led plans to build a cancer screening and treatment center. This was supported by the donation of 50 acres of land near Mang’u High School by a businessman from his constituency.


Leaders from across the political divide as well as Kenyans have sent their messages of condolences.




The legislator’s death follows the recent deaths of Senator Yusuf Haji and veteran politician Simeon Nyachae.

At C.O.K we condole with Wakapee’s family and with the people of Juja.

C.O.K Correspondent

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