Willy Paul Threatens to Sue Miss P Over Sexual Assault Claims

Willy Paul Threatens to Sue Miss P Over Sexual Assault Claims

Artist Wilson Ouma Opondo aka Willy Paul has taken legal action against Elvira Wambui Maina aka Miss P. This is after Miss P accused him of sexually assaulting her.

In an Instagram Post that has since been deleted, Willy Paul claims Miss P was acting out of anger and love.

Pozze further that the sexual assault allegations are false and continue to damage his reputation. This is revealed in a demand letter seen by C.O.K.

“The utterances were full of false, libellous and malicious information against our client.. It is evident that our client … has suffered injury on their reputation and continues to do so as long as you continue to make the false claims.”

The letter further demands Miss P to withdraw her statement, failure to which she will be sued.

Sexual Assault Allegations

In an interview with Presenter Ali, Miss P narrated her ordeal while being signed to Pozze’s record label Saldidoh International Records.

According to Miss Picasah, the assault happened on several occasions, where Pozze refused to use protection. This forced her to seek medication.

Intervention from Miss P’s Family

The songstress says that she informed her mum hoping to have a way forward. At the time, she had started considering leaving the label. However, after her mum had a chat with Willy Paul nothing seemed to happen.

“After my mum knew, mimi in my mind I was battling with thoughts za nirudi ama nisirudi, nina stress, why is this happening to me ile trauma and then he made the point of coming to our home to talk to my mother. I don’t know what they talked then after things went on like nothing happened…the I was like what have you given my mum…she was like be carefully isikufanyikie tena”

Interestingly, Miss P explained that she had started having feelings for him after he repeatedly tried to assure her that he wasn’t just with her for the sex.

“I used to tell him we cannot mix business and pleasure…so zile 4 months hanishiki hatufanyi anything i started developing feelings for him and I was like pengine huyu mtu ananipenda ya ukweli alafu ananikumbusha mara kwa mara that it’s not just sex”

Together, the two have released four songs, with their hit song “Fall In Love” having over 3 Million views on YouTube.

Miss P and Willy Paul | Photo: Courtesy

With the demand letter issued, do you think Miss Picasah will retract the allegations?

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