All You Need To Know About Flaqo Raz

All You Need To Know About Flaqo Raz

Mama Otis and Otis have become familiar names among Kenyans. Together with Baba Otis, Akoth, and Uncle Bakari, Flaqo Raz has created this amusing family whose tales we have all grown to love. His talent has made him one of the most sought-after and successful comedians in the country.

In this article, we tell you all you need to know about Flaqo Raz, including his upbringing and how he became famous. We also tell you if he is dating and his net worth.

Ready, well, let’s get straight to business.

Who is Flaqo Raz?

Erastus Ayieko Otieno, popularly known as Flaqo Raz is a Kenyan comedian known for his skits on social media. Flaqo is also a dancer, scriptwriter, and singer. The talented comedian created the characters of Otis, Mama Otis, Baba Otis, Akoth, and Uncle Bakari.

Source: IG: flaqo411

Flaqo’s sketches involve these characters, with Otis being the center of it all. The cunning Otis often gets into trouble and is reprimanded by his parents, more so his mother. Akoth and Bakari also feature in the skits and have their own crazy funny tales.

Flaqo’s Biography

Flaqo was born on 25th December 1995, at the Aga Khan Hospital, Kisumu. He is the eldest of three children and has a sister and a brother. Born on Christmas Day, Flaqo grew up being called Emmanuel and Noel.

Source: Twitter @flaqo411

The Mama Otis comedian briefly attended Pinocchio Primary School, later moving to Xaverian Primary School in Kisumu. For his secondary education, Flaqo joined St. Mary’s Yala. In an interview with fellow comedian Churchill, Flaqo explains he initially wanted to be a neurosurgeon then later changed his mind.

Source: Twitter @flaqo411

After high school, he joined Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOST), where he pursued a degree in Public Health. Flaqo says he was once booed off stage while curtain raising at a college event, which affected his confidence as an artiste.

…Wasee wanataka ku turn up, huezi enda apo unaanza kuimba R&B. Nilirushiwa machupa! Nikaona khai! Yenyewe hii usanii mi siwezi…

We’re glad he got his self-confidence back to become the star that he is today.

How Did Flaqo Become Famous?

Flaqo became famous when his video mimicking celebs Khaligraph, Bahati, and Bien, went viral on social media. In the video, the celebs are at the dinner table, with Khaligraph Jones saying grace.


The talented content creator was a fan of the now-defunct social platform Vine where he used to watch vines (short videos) posted there. This inspired him to start recording his skits using his phone and sharing them on social media.

Before this video went viral, Flaqo had shared other videos which were mostly shot on his Kabambe phone. The video’s success pushed Flaqo to expand his social media presence to Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to reach a wider audience.

The comedian’s skits involve solely playing the characters of Otis, Mama Otis, Baba Otis, Akoth (Otis’ sister), and Bakari the Choirmaster (Otis’ Uncle). 


Source: IG: flaqo411

Flaqo says that these characters were inspired by people he has interacted with, including his parents, and his high school principal. His parents were initially reluctant with his career choice but were eventually supportive. The talented comedian has also mimicked other Kenyan celebs such as Khaligraph Jones and Sauti Sol’s Bien

Is Flaqo A Musician?

Flaqo is a recording artiste who has released several music videos; including Regrets, Stress Mingi, and Insincere. The latter is his latest, which features Mulamwah’s ex, Carol Sonnie. He is also a good dancer whose moves can be seen in some of his music videos.

The Mama Otis comedian had tried out music as an R&B artiste way before his breakthrough in comedy. He was part of the group 411 Society with several music acts to their name. Flaqo’s favorite artist is August Alsina and Flaqo says he has memorized the lyrics to Alsina’s songs Make It Home, Soul Cry, and Hold You Down.

His music videos have elicited mixed reactions from his fans, though many are impressed.

YouTube: Flaqo Raz

Flaqo admitted that negative comments used to weigh him down but he grew a thick skin.

Source: IG: flaqo411

How Popular Is Flaqo?

Flaqo is one of Kenya’s most celebrated comedians and as of March 2022, his YouTube videos have over 63 million views. He also has more than a million followers on Facebook, over 600k followers on Instagram, and over 160k followers on Twitter.

Considering he had under 10k followers on IG only 2 years ago, Flaqo’s popularity is indisputable. Offline, many know him as either Otis, Mama Otis, or Baba Otis.

Though a good portion of his audience is East African, the entertainer has dreams of reaching Hollywood.


We certainly wish this young king to continue prospering.

How Many Tattoos Does Flaqo Have?

Though the exact number of Flaqo’s tattoos is not yet known, he has tats on his arms and torso. Perhaps his most popular tattoo is the one that has his name on his left arm, which was done by John Fabianor of King Ink Tattoos.

Source: IG: flaqo411

Coupled with his jacked-up body, Flaqo’s tattoos often get the ladies talking on his IG posts. Speaking of jacked, in September 2021, the comedian shared a post on his incredible 1-year weight loss journey. He had gained 14 Kgs during the pandemic and with intense workouts, he lost it all, something that seemed unreal to some of his followers.

Source: IG: flaqo411

Tattoos are considered one of the best forms of artistic expression, which explains why many artists have them. The body art comes from “Tatau”, a word that can be traced back to the Pacific Islands of Tahiti and Samoa.

Is Flaqo Dating?

As of March 2022, Flaqo is not dating anyone. The content creator has previously been rumored to be dating celebrities like rappers Ssaru and Noti Flow. He was also rumored to be dating vlogger Keranta.

In an interview with Chat Spot on Switch TV, Flaqo narrated that his ex once reached out after he became successful. She claimed that he made Flaqo who he is, something that angered him and made him send her 100k. He added that she had left him when he had no money for a wealthy man, and she still talks to him. Interesting.

How Old Is Flaqo

As of March 2022, Flaqo is 26 years old. Flaqo was born on Christmas Day 1995 and will be turning 27 on Christmas Day 2022. 

The content creator says that growing up he did not like sharing a birthday with baby Jesus. He says that Christmas celebrations would overshadow his birthday celebrations.

“Si kila mtu anacelebrate Christmas so niko like watu pia wananicelebrate so, ni ka inapitanga tu. So inabidi niextend to 26th ndio nifeel ako ka impact. Tunakula mabaki ya 25th.”

Who Is Mama Otis?

Mama Otis is a character played in Flaqo’s sketches. She is the mother to Otis and Akoth, and wife to Baba Otis. Mama Otis’ character is portrayed as a nosey and strict mother who often scolds and beats up his cheeky son. Her distinct Luo accent adds humor to her no-nonsense character, cracking her fans’ ribs.

Source: IG: flaqo411

Flaqo is so good at playing Mama Otis that many often think that she is his real mother.

The comedian says Mama Otis was inspired by his mum. His mother wanted him to pursue a career in medicine but he ended up following his love for the arts. Flaqo nonetheless loves his mum who he says is his superwoman and biggest fan.

What Is Flaqo’s Net Worth?

Though Flaqo’s exact net worth is not yet established, his business interests range from music to endorsement deals. However, given the hard work and investments he has made over the years, it’s safe to say that he earns a pretty penny.

Flaqo owns Hittites Music, a music studio in Mamboleo Estate, Kisumu, targeting young artistes and encouraging them to pursue their passions. It’s from this studio that Flaqio first made his foray into music, before branching to comedy. He also owns a studio in Nairobi where he records his current music.

The comedian has also inked brand endorsement deals with Samsung, Safaricom, Airtel, Yola, Crown Paints, and the Communications Authority of Kenya

At C.O.K we celebrate the young celeb’s talent and accomplishments, and wish him all the best in his endeavors. 

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