I Did It For Me; Nick Ndeda Speaks About Vasectomy

I Did It For Me; Nick Ndeda Speaks About Vasectomy

Entertainer Nick Ndeda has come out and set the record straight on his vasectomy. This is after a section of netizens bashed him for having undergone the same for his ex Muthoni Gitau.

In a Twitter post, Nick says he did it because he doesn’t want to have kids.

Nick Ndeda Breaks Up With Long Term Girlfriend Muthoni Gitau

The What’s Good Africa co-host and his long-time girlfriend Muthoni Gitau announced their breakup on Monday, July 5, 2021. This was shared on the Just Doing Life YouTube channel

Watching the announcement, it is clear that there’s no bad blood between the two. Muthoni further revealed that she hasn’t been in many relationships and would want to explore.

“I’ve only had three relationships, I didn’t get to date much … I feel like maybe that’s something I want to explore. I wanna go date”

The two also added that Muthoni will continue sharing content on the channel without Nick Ndeda. 

Nick and Muthoni have been together for 7 years before the split. As mentioned, the news elicited different views from netizens.


And of course, it wouldn’t be KOT without some satire, lol.

In January 2021, Nick Ndeda announced that he was leaving Kiss FM after working 9 years at Radio Africa. 

At C.O.K we wish Nick and Muthoni the best in their new chapter. We are eager to see what they each have to share as time goes by.

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