Caroline Kangogo, What We Know So Far About The Evasive Killer Cop

Caroline Kangogo, What We Know So Far About The Evasive Killer Cop

She has been the talk of the country these past few days. One Caroline Kangogo made headlines after reports emerged of her involvement in the murder of two men. 

In this article, we give you what we have been able to gather about Corporal Caroline Kangogo so far.

Who Is Caroline Kangogo

Caroline Kangogo is a corporal in the Kenya Police, having worked for the service for 13 years. Kangogo is attached to the Kasarani Police Station in Nakuru County. According to police, Kangogo is an exceptional marksman.

Corporal Caroline Kangogo on duty | Photo: Courtesy

What Crime Did Caroline Kangogo Commit?

Caroline Kangogo is the main suspect in the murders of Constable John Ongweno in Nakuru and Mr. Peter Ndwiga from Juja. The two are believed to have been her lovers. Detectives believe she has a loaded Ceska pistol in her possession and she is a danger to the public.

The law enforcer gone rogue is also believed to have loved having a good time.

Caroline is a party girl and her love for alcohol is legendary. She is very social ,but too quick to get angry. She would easily get offended and pick fights with revelers or colleagues

Is Caroline Kangogo Married?

Yes, Caroline Kangogo is married to a senior police officer attached to the Maritime Police the coast. Together they have two children, aged 8 and 11. According to reports, Kangogo also sent threats to her husband, stating that he would suffer the same fate as her victims.

Was Caroline Kangogo Shot?

No, Kangogo hasn’t been shot. On Friday 9th July, Phanice Chemutai Juma was shot by Mr. Ken Muyudo on suspicion of being Caroline Kangogo. The matter is still under investigation with contrary reports pointing to a disagreement between the two.

Has Caroline Kangogo Been Caught?

No. As of Thursday, 15th July 2021, Caroline Kangogo is still on the run from law enforcement. So far, detectives have been able to trace her to Mathare after she withdrew Ksh. 40,000 from a bank in Juja. Police also believe Kangogo had been in contact with wanted criminals.

A special unit comprising regular police, DCI officers, and the military formed to search for the killer cop.

Kangogo’s Father, Mr. Barnaba Kipkoech Korir has urged her to surrender to authorities.

“Ajisalimishe kwa polisi sababu pia yeye ni askari ambaye anajua sheria. Ni vizuri ajitoe na ajisalimishe kwa polisi”

Kangogo’s father Barnaba Kipkoech Korir and Mother Leah Jepkosgei Kangogo | Photo: Courtesy

Police are urging members of the public to be vigilant as she is armed and dangerous.

“We are cautioning members of the public, especially men, to be on the lookout for the rogue officer, who is luring men to her trap before executing them in cold blood” 

  • DCI boss George Kinoti.

Will the men in blue be able to catch one of their own, elusive as she is? Will Kangogo’s killing spree stop?

Do let us know what you think about this story and as always, keep it C.O.K.

C.O.K Correspondent

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