Former Mungiki Leader Maina Njenga’s Woes Continue

Former Mungiki Leader Maina Njenga’s Woes Continue

After the alleged police raid in Njenga’s homes based in Nakuru, Nairobi, and Laikipia counties it seems the former Mungiki leader is on the police radar again. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is said to have launched a manhunt to arrest Maina Njenga after a Twitter post that had mixed reactions from Kenyans. 

According to reports, the Ex-Mungiki leader was on the DCI wanted list as detectives wanted to interrogate him for about 90 rolls of bhang and two pistols found in his house. On Monday, DCI Mohamed Amin shared a statement to the press to shed light on what they found.    

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“In the raid conducted at Ngomongo village in Dundori ward, the officers who arrested 8 suspects aged between 37 and 54 also found three rounds of 9mm blank ammunition hidden in one of the rooms.  One of the firearms recovered was a homemade pistol capable of firing while the other one was a Tokarev whose serial number had been defaced.”

Maina Njenga Statement

The former Mungiki leader’s woes started before and after the burial of Mukami Kimathi, the wife of the late freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi. In response to the raids that happened, Njenga expressed his frustrations citing political harassment. 

“They said they were looking for me. I don’t know why, but I see it as politics and harassment that should stop.”

Court Proceedings

However, on Wednesday, May 24th, Maina surrendered himself to the authorities at the Nakuru Law Court escorted by his lawyer Ndegwa Njiru. He spent the entire day at the law courts to try and escape arrest after a communique by the DCI which indirectly declared him a fugitive. 

Maina Njenga’s Lawyer (Ndegwa Njiru)
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Maina Njenga’s Lawyer (Ndegwa Njiru)

Maina was presented before Nakuru Senior Resident Magistrate Emmanuel Soita.

Lawyer Njiru is among four advocates representing Maina who accused the DCI of selling a false narrative against their client who already had an arrest anticipatory bail from the High Court in Nairobi.

“It is also illegal for the police to purport to be looking for Njenga because besides having an anticipatory bond which expires on June 20, when he is expected to take a plea, they do not have a warrant of arrest on him.”

The lawyer also added that among the bond conditions, Njenga was to avail himself before the investigating officer handling the case. However, no one reached out to his client to notify him about the officer investigating the matter or which police station to report to. Njiru continued to state that a charge had already been preferred against his client in absentia. 

This means Maina was already under the courts and not the police as they had completed their work and preferred charges. Lawyer Steve Biko also told the court that their client is willing to cooperate and comply with the police.      

“Our client is willing to cooperate and comply with the conditions of police and the judiciary until the matter is concluded. We rushed to court following the communique because of the history of the detectives, and Kenya Police, which included extra-judicial killings.”

Maina Njenga’s lawyers beseeched the court to interpret the anticipatory bail import given by the High Court in Nairobi. This is to ensure he is not arrested as he is charged with eleven other bonds. The plea did not bear fruits as Magistrate Soita declined stating that the matter was wrongly before him.

“The matter is supposed to be before the Court where Njenga’s co-accused was charged and released on Sh50,000 bond on May 19.”

Charges Against Maina Njenga

Some of Njenga’s charges include inviting eight individuals to a meeting whose aim was to give instructions to the Mungiki organized criminal group. Other charges stated that he provided his house to hold the meeting and encouraged support for the outlawed organized criminal group.

The Former Mungiki leader was, however, set free in line with his anticipatory bail and ordered by the court to appear before the DCI in Nairobi the following day. After the court proceedings, Maina confirmed to his supporters that he will report to the DCI headquarters on Thursday 25th May 2023 (today). 

Is this a political hunt or is Maina Njenga guilty of the charges? What do you think?

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