Wife and Boyfriend Suspected to have Butchered Man in Kayole

Wife and Boyfriend Suspected to have Butchered Man in Kayole

The authorities have arrested Faith Nyabuti and her boyfriend in connection with the gruesome death of Richard Ondieki. Faith Nyabuti is the wife of the late 39-year-old Richard Ondieki who went missing on 14th April 2023. According to reports, the deceased was hacked before his body was cut into pieces. 

His head and arm were later found thrown in sewage two kilometres from Saika in Kayole where he lived with his family. James Ongechi, the uncle to the Late Ondieki, told the media that the family was not aware that the deceased had a lover.

“Richard was missing for two weeks and that’s when we reached out to the wife for some explanation. She claims that her husband packed his clothes and left his home and moved in with his lover and that was the last time he was seen. We did not know about this alleged lover and she could not give more details.”

Neighbours Account on the Story

However, the neighbours stated that the woman and her boyfriend were in a romantic affair. A statement given to news outlets by Douglas Makori, the Nyumba Kumi chairman in the area confirms the affair. 

“This man was so involved with the family, you could not tell who the husband was between the two of them unless you knew them closely. He would carry Richard’s last born baby go to the shop with the wife and they would even have a meal in the house especially when the husband was not around.”

Investigation Findings

According to the investigating officers, the two men had a history of confrontations in order to win the woman’s affection. The investigation is ongoing with samples taken from the suspected crime scene. 

“We have taken some samples with blood stains found in the lover’s house. We noticed that the man’s trousers, pillowcase, and bedsheets had some blood. All have been submitted for further test.” 

Richard Ondieki’s head and arm now lie at the Nairobi City Mortuary as investigations continue. Nevertheless, other body parts have been found by locals but are not yet confirmed to be his until DNA is done to ascertain the claim. Videos were recorded by the locals showing two dismembered legs. 

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