Kenyans Cry For Justice For Kianjokoma Brothers

Kenyans Cry For Justice For Kianjokoma Brothers

Cases of police brutality are not new in Kenya. In fact, there is a Twitter account dedicated to documenting all cases of police brutality in the country.

Nasty experiences with law enforcers have made Kenyans fear them more than they fear criminals.

It is a sad reality that Kenyans live in. One that the late brothers from Kianjokoma Town in Embu County did not live to narrate.

The story of the late Kianjokoma brothers is the latest of such unfortunate incidents and has sparked nationwide outrage.

Who Are The Kianjokoma Brothers?

The Kianjokoma Brothers were Emmanuel Mutura, 19, and his elder brother Benson Njiru 22. They hailed from Embu County and were the sons of Ndwiga Kamunyoti and Catherine Wawira.

What Happened To The Kianjokoma Brothers?

On Sunday, 1st August, the brothers were arrested by police for allegedly flouting curfew rules. However, their bodies were to be found 3 days later at the mortuary by their parents under mysterious circumstances.

What Did The Police Say About The Kianjokoma Brothers’ Deaths?

Police say that the brothers jumped from the back of a moving police lorry after being arrested for flouting curfew rules. They would later be found lying on the side of the road with serious injuries. Police added that they took them to Embu Level 5 Hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

What Did The Kianjokoma Brothers’ Parents Say About The Incident?

The Kianjokoma brothers’ parents denied the statement by the police, saying that they reported them missing at the Manyatta Police Station. However, the law enforcers were not cooperative. The parents decided to look for them, with their search ending at the mortuary where they found their bodies.

What Was The Public’s Reaction To The Deaths?

The incident sparked public outrage with the local community in Kianjokoma rioting and burning a police vehicle.

Interestingly, the protests were reportedly met by even more violence by the police.

Many questioned why the Police were being uncooperative in assisting the parents to look for their sons. Human rights activists also questioned the manner in which Police handled the incident.

“The officers who dropped those battered and lifeless bodies at the Embu Mortuary neglected to inform their families and the Independent Policing Oversight Authority as required by law.” 

– Amnesty Kenya

The brothers were laid to rest on Friday 13th August 2021 in a somber funeral service at their home in Embu County

What do you think would stop the ever-increasing cases of police brutality?

In another case of youth dying young, four men were brutally murdered in Enkamulyat area of Kisaju, Kajiado County. The four were Fred Mureithi, 30, his younger brother Victor Mwangi, who had just turned 25, and their two cousins Mike George, 29, and Nicholas Musa, 28. They were from Nairobi and had gone to visit a relative for a housewarming party.

The men were unfortunately mistaken for cattle thieves by locals and speared to death, an incident that sparked outrage from Kenyans. Celebrities too aired their voices on the same.

At C.O.K we say pole sana to the bereaved families. May the deceased rest in peace.


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