Elodie Zone Accuses Nviiri of Mental and Physical Abuse

Elodie Zone Accuses Nviiri of Mental and Physical Abuse

It’s official, Nviiri The StoryTeller and Elodie Zone are no longer dating.

In a series of stories on Instagram, Elodie made it clear that her relationship with Nviiri is over.

Nviiri has since replied to the allegations with a rather ambiguous post, saying ako sawa.

Nviiri’s response: Courtesy Instagram

When did Nviiri and Elodie start dating? 

According to Nviiri, his relationship with Elodie had been going on for months before finally telling the world in May, 2021. They had decided to keep it on the low as they weren’t sure how the news would affect their brands. Before dating, the two had been friends for over 8 years.

Are Nviiri and Elodie still dating? 

No, Nviiri and Elodie are no longer dating. The announcement was made by Elodie on her Instagram stories. 

I want to make it clear that I am not dating Nviiri

Why did Elodie and Nviiri break up? 

Elodie and Nviiri have broken up following Elodie’s revelation that the relationship was physically and emotionally abusive.

Courtesy: Instagram elodiezone


Courtesy: Instagram elodiezone

Recalling an October 2020 incident where she was abused at a club, Elodie confirmed that it was Nviiri’s doing.

Courtesy: Instagram elodiezone

Who has Elodie dated in the past?

Before dating Nviiri, Elodie was in a relationship with Sean Andrew, who is former President Mwai Kibaki’s grandson. The two broke up due to what Elodie termed as being in a toxic relationship.

Photo: Courtesy

The YouTube sensation later dated Jay Mwendwa but the relationship didn’t last.

Do you think that Nviiri and Elodie will patch things up? Is Nviiri indeed sawa as he says?

Let us know in the comments and as always, keep it C.O.K.

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