Wizzo Tano Nane: The Gangsta Stealing The Hearts of Many

Wizzo Tano Nane: The Gangsta Stealing The Hearts of Many

If you’re reading this then you’re most likely familiar with the phrases Mbwakni and Kwani Ni Kesho. However, not much is known about the author of this popular phrase trending on social media and adopted by other celebrities. 

In this article we found out more about the young upcoming star.

Who Is Wizzo Tano Nane? 

Wizzo Tano Nane is a Kenyan Instagram celebrity. Wizzo’s real name is Geoffrey Maina and was raised in Section 58 area of Nakuru. He would later relocate to Buruburu Estate in Nairobi. Wizzo is in the business of selling apparel where he seeks to grow his clothing line.

Why Is Wizzo Tano Nane Trending? 

Wizzo Tano Nane rose to fame from his ghetto-style Instagram videos.

When watching his videos, the grillz on his teeth definitely stand out and add to his gangsta look. He also sometimes refers to himself as The Drip Master.

His videos have an element of satire and the use of sheng also adds to his unique style.

Though gangsta, he also takes time to motivate other youth.


The OG Khaligraph Jones also took note of the rising star. He is currently recording a song dubbed Kwani Ni Kesho.

How Many Followers Does Wizzo Tano Nane Have On Instagram?

Wizzo Tano Nane currently has slightly over 50k followers on Instagram. This is a sharp rise from the less than 10k he had not so long ago, courtesy of his rise to fame.

He is certainly an interesting star and we look forward to seeing more of him in the coming weeks.

Keep It C.O.K for more updates on Wizzo Tano Nane.

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