Churchill Intervenes Jemutai & Professor Hamo Baby Mama Drama

Churchill Intervenes Jemutai & Professor Hamo Baby Mama Drama

Over the weekend, comedian Stella Bunei aka Jemutai, revealed that she was going through financial difficulty. The shocking revelations were made on The Tea Master Edgar Obare‘s stories.

The chipambe comedian shared that they have sired two children together. However, she further added that Hamo has not been contributing to the upkeep of the children. 

The churchil show comedian went ahead to reveal that she was contemplating selling her social media pages to raise money to pay her bills.

In reply to her post, Bonfire Adventures owner Sami Kabu urged her not to sell her account. 

His sentiments were echoed by the company’s Managing Director Sarah Kabu.

“If well managed it can earn you more monthly than the one off you are asking for”

Bitter Exchange

In a rejoinder, Professor Hamo said that his portrayal as being an absent father was not true. He was also not pleased with his children being exposed to the drama.

“I have children who live with me and others who don’t live with me. I have been providing for my children from day one, and there’s no day they went without food or shelter or anything they need

My wife is the one who sends upkeep for the children who don’t live with us. This has been the agreement between my family and the mother of the children.”

Jemutai, however, replied that Hamo was hiding information on the issue.

“Hamo kindly note that I am withholding so much from the public including the day you were violent I have all the recording of you apologising to Abner. Accept you have failed as a father and you are ready to better sio hizi mauongo. nkt. Be better do better.”


Comedian Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill shared on Twitter that Hamo and Jemutai had finally reached an amicable solution.

Hamo and Jemutai have both since deleted their posts on the topic.

Social Media Responses

Social media is still abuzz with Kenyans sharing their sentiments over the same, and of course, some humor had to play out.

There’s an emerging trend on social media of parody accounts being created and commenting on trending stories. These weren’t left out as well, lol.

Do you think Hamo is factual that he is a present father? Do you think an amicable solution has truly been met?

Let us know in the comments and keep it C.O.K for more updates.

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