Ardhi Sasa: All You Need To Know About Kenya’s New Digital Lands System

Ardhi Sasa: All You Need To Know About Kenya’s New Digital Lands System

Since independence, Kenya’s land records have been stored manually. Kenyans seeking to make land transactions have had to deal with long queues at the Ministry of Lands offices at Ardhi House. 

Ardhi House, Nairobi | Photo: Courtesy

This frustration created an opportunity for some to defraud Kenyans, with the promise of helping speed up processes at the offices. However, the days of long queues and being ripped off at the offices are coming to an end.

The Ministry of Lands and the National Lands Commission have developed a digital lands management system, which aims to ease access to lands services. The platform is called Ardhisasa.

The platform succeeds the Lands Information Management System (LIMS) launched in 2018, which started the process of digitizing land records.

What Is Ardhisasa?

Ardhisasa is Kenya’s new digital lands information management system that can be accessed online. It is a one stop database for accessing information on lands, as well as making land transactions. 

Ardhisasa portal

When Did Ardhisasa Go Live?

Ardhisasa was launched on 26th April 2021 by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Lands Cabinet Secretary Farida Karoney. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta launching Ardhisasa | Photo: Courtesy

How Do I Access Ardhisasa?

For you to access Ardhisasa, you need to open the Ardhisasa portal.

Ardhisasa registration page

The first time setup process is pretty straightforward. You will be required to create an account using your ID number, and to verify your identity via your phone number and email. Thereafter, you can set your password and login to your account.

What Services Can I Get from Ardhisasa?

The list of services available from Ardhisasa includes land registration, land administration, physical planning, and survey and mapping services. 

The platform also offers land valuation services, adjudication & settlement, and land allocation services by the National Land Commission (NLC).

Ardhisasa services

How Will Existing Land Title Holders Be Affected?

Existing title holders will eventually be required to apply for replacement of their titles from the old registries. 

There are also instances where titles are held by third parties such as banks. For this, you will need to apply for a conversion of the title where it has been used as security.

A new title will be given under the Land Registration Act, 2012.

How Does The Conversion Process Happen?

The Ministry of Lands will first prepare cadastral maps. These are maps that give detailed demarcation, value and ownership information of land parcels. The ministry will also prepare conversion lists that show both old and new numbers for land parcels in a specific registration unit.

Cadastral maps and conversion lists will then be published. This will give an opportunity for complaints to be received from members of the public. 

Complaints are to be written and submitted to the registrar, who by law is required to resolve them within 90 days.

Old registers will then be closed and members of the public will have to apply for their titles to be replaced.

The entire conversion process is free of charge.

What Benefits Does Ardhisasa Bring?

Ardhisasa reduces chances of delays, fraud, and other inconveniences caused by middlemen and cartels. 

All land parcels will be transferred into a single registry called the Registry Index Maps (RIMS). It will therefore speed up land transactions by limiting the number of human interactions.

Ardhisasa will also help in developing the National Addressing System.

Are Ardhisasa Services Available Countrywide?

At the moment, services from Ardhisasa are available for Nairobi. However, the Ministry will gradually scale out services to the rest of the country, with a countrywide target set for December 2022.

Are you excited about the new system and the benefits it hopes to bring? Let us know in the comments and as always, keep it C.O.K.

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