Samidoh Apologizes For Having An Affair As Karen Nyamu Hits Back

Samidoh Apologizes For Having An Affair As Karen Nyamu Hits Back

Celebrated Singer Samidoh has finally come out to admit his romantic affair with politician and lawyer Karen Nyamu. This is after the recent circulation of photos and videos of the two on social media that elicited different reactions from netizens.

In the apology made on his facebook page, Samidoh admits that he has put his family in a bad situation. He also admits to being the father to Nyamu’s child. 

The musician goes ahead to say that his wife and child have been trolled due to sharing of some past videos. This, he says, made it necessary for him to come out and set the record straight.

Samidoh adds that his wife and family were already aware of the affair and he had already apologized to them. He apologized to his fans for ‘setting a bad example’, adding that he will take responsibility for his actions.

Source: Facebook- Samidoh

The apology follows the recent jabs Nyamu and Samidoh’s wife Edday traded online over the weekend.

The Drama Continues

Moments after Samidoh set the record straight, Karen Nyamu came out and made her comments on the remarks. On her Insta Stories, Nyamu commended Samidoh for finally taking a stand, albeit cheekily lol!

She has since deleted the posts, but we’ve kept the receipts for you.

The lawyer goes ahead to share screenshots of conversations he had with her baby daddy. It seems the two have not been getting along.


Samidoh refers to the affair as being a “past mistake”.This would explain his claim that the media shared over the weekend was from the past.


The story continues to get different reactions from netizens, some who empathize with Karen Nyamu.

Others sarcastically see this as a reason why polygamu should be embraced.


Some think Samidoh has nothing to apologize for, lol!

Others are now reconsidering their friendships, lol!

Now that Samidoh himself has admitted to the affair, do you think things will finally cool down?

Let us know in the comments and keep it C.O.K.

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