Spotify Now Available In Kenya, Here’s All You Need To Know

Spotify Now Available In Kenya, Here’s All You Need To Know

We all love music, each one of us having our own tastes and preferred genres. 

The advent of the Internet made it easier to distribute music through downloading mp3 files. This was followed by portable music players that first played cassettes, CD’s and later mp3 files. However, it was after the launch of the first iPhone that music streaming services started picking up.

Today, many consider these services, such as YouTube and Spotify, as a huge convenience. All one needs to do to play their favorite song from anywhere is to have a working internet connection.

The above mentioned services are perhaps the most popular in the world. However, for a long time accessing Spotify has been limited to a handful of countries. This has, however, changed.

Spotify In Kenya

On Monday, 22nd February, music streaming company Spotify announced that they would be expanding to 85 new markets, including Kenya. The announcement was met with praise and many were eager to see this happen.

Well, the wait wasn’t meant to be long as the Spotify app is already available on the Google Play Store. This is just a day after the said announcement.

Spotify now joins a number of music streaming apps available in the country. These include Mdundo, Boomplay, Deezer and Apple Music.

What are the Spotify Subscription Plans?

At the moment, Spotify offers both a free plan and a premium plan.

Below is a snapshot showing the differences between the two plans.

Spotify offers a number of premium plans made for different users. 

What are the different Spotify Premium Plans?

The premium plans include the Individual plan for Ksh. 299, Duo for Ksh. 389, Family for Ksh. 479 and Student for Ksh. 149.

Below is a snapshot of the differences between the premium plans.

What are the payment options for Spotify users in Kenya?

Spotify users in Kenya can pay either through credit card, Paypal or Mpesa. You can either choose a normal subscription or a prepay payment option. Mpesa is limited to prepay. 

The monthly plan will auto-renew every month. On the other hand, the Prepay plan is a one-time payment and will not auto-renew. 

The Duo plan will particularly be attractive to couples, bora msiwachane tu, lol!

One thing to note is that the plans are way affordable compared to those in other markets where Spotify operates. They are even cheaper than other music streaming apps.


How Do I Access Spotify In Kenya?

To access Spotify in Kenya, you need to download the Spotify app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Those using a PC can download the app from the Microsoft Store, or use the Web Player.

Will I Be Able To Access My Previous Spotify Account?

Yes, you will be able to access your previous Spotify account, whether it was created while abroad or using a VPN. You will, however, need to sign into your account from a web browser in order to change your location to Kenya. With this, you won’t have to worry about losing your playlists.

You are now ready to use the music streaming service and enjoy the convenience of not having to worry about your storage space filling up.

One last thing, some may want to transfer their playlists from their current service to Spotify. Tune My Music is a great way to have that sorted.

Are you excited about Spotify being in Kenya? What plan do you plan on subscribing to?

Do let us know in the comments and as always, keep it C.O.K.

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