Who Is Karen Nyamu? All You Need to Know

Who Is Karen Nyamu? All You Need to Know

She has been in the limelight in recent times over her controversial involvement with Mugithi  artist Samidoh Muchoki. However, many don’t know much about Karen Nyamu. In this article, we get a bit of info on who she is.

Who Is Karen Nyamu?

Karen Njeri Nyamu is a lawyer based in Nairobi, Kenya. Her law firm, Njeri Nyamu & Co. Advocates is located at ICEA Building along Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi.

Nyamu first gained public recognition when she unsuccessfully ran for the Nairobi Women Representative’s office in the 2017 General Election.

The lawyer also holds a seat at the board of directors of the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company.

Karen Nyamu has 2 children, a daughter with DJ Saint Africa (Kevin) and a son with Samidoh.

DJ Saint Africa with His Daughter with Karen Nyamu Source: IG saintkevinsky


Nyamu with son and daughter
Source: IG karenzo.nyamu

Who Is Karen Nyamu To Samido?

Nyamu and Samidoh had been in a relationship which they had tried to conceal. For a while, rumors spread that Samidoh was to be the father of the baby boy Nyamu was expecting.

However, when Nyamu shared the video, it cleared all doubts.

Soon after, the singer acknowledged that he was indeed the father to the baby boy.

‘It is true that I had a friendship with Karen Nyamu and it is through this involvement that my innocent child was born,” 

said Samidoh.

Samido Karen Nyamu Affair

As mentioned, Samidoh and Nyamu had an affair, which they tried to keep under wraps. However, with the birth of their son, the secret couldn’t be hidden any longer.

Speaking on Jalango TV, Nyamu says the two met during a political rally. She claimed that at the time she wasn’t aware Samidoh was married.

“We met in a political event he was performing in sometime back and we became friends. Jalas can you believe I didn’t know that Samidoh was married because he was not even wearing a ring … that Mafirifiri MCA is the one who saw us together and told me that Samidoh is married.”

She said.

Nyamu apologized to Edday, Samidoh’s wife for having an affair with her husband. The two have had a tense relationship as seen from their recent social media posts.

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