Protests In Kayole After Man Allegedly Killed By Police

Protests In Kayole After Man Allegedly Killed By Police

On the morning of Thursday, 19th August 2021, residents of Kayole protested the killing of a 38 year-old man that happened the previous night.

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Preliminary reports say that the man, John Kiiru, had boarded a bodaboda when police stopped them for flouting curfew rules. Police, however, attacked both him and the rider, who managed to escape. Kiiru unsuccessfully tried to flee on foot and was cornered by the police, who continued beating him up. 

They then left him by the roadside with serious injuries, where he succumbed to his injuries.

According to his wife, the deceased was in contact with her that night, informing her of the beating he had received. There are also reports that he managed to send her the police car number plates.

His body was still lying by the roadside on Thursday morning and this angered residents. As police were arriving to take away the body, an altercation ensued, leading to protests.

The protests were, however, met with more force from the police.

Increasing Police Brutality

Cases of police brutality are not new. This latest incident comes in the wake of the unfortunate killing of the Kianjokoma brothers,who also died in police custody. The unfortunate killing of four young men in Kitengela also raised questions as to why young men are being killed.

However, Kenyans seem to have grown tired of the increasing cases of police brutality, with protests done both on the ground and on social media. 

There have also been calls for the end of the nationwide night curfew with some questioning its effectiveness in curbing the pandemic. On Wednesday, 19th August, President Uhuru Kenyatta extended the curfew for a further 60 days.

The curfew is viewed by some as an excuse that law enforcers hide behind while using excessive force on citizens, and also as a way to prevent politicians from entering full-swing campaign mode. 

Do you think the curfew should be lifted? What will it take for police brutality to end in Kenya?

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