National Council of Persons Living With Disabilities Slams MP Junet Mohammed for Derogatory Remarks

National Council of Persons Living With Disabilities Slams MP Junet Mohammed for Derogatory Remarks

National Assembly Minority Whip Junet Mohamed has received backlash for remarks he made during a BBI popularization rally.

During the Saturday event in Turkana County, Junet accused Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura of using his disability for political mileage.

“Siku hizi tena nimeona anatembea na mtu mwingine ambaye mimi nilikuwa nafikiria ni mlemavu, kumbe yeye ni mzungu ambaye….sasa tunataka katiba ibadilishwe wazungu wote wakuwe kama walemavu…huyu mtu anaitwa Isaac Mwaura, mimi nilikuwa nafikiri yeye ni mlemavu ambaye anafaa asaidiwe, kumbe yeye ni mzungu ambaye ni nyeupe tu…sijui alipaka hii colour ya bleaching ili apate nomination,” said the ODM MP.

The remarks were perceived by the general public as derogatory to both Mwaura and people living with albinism.


The National Council of Persons Living With Disabilities has condemned Junet’s remarks. They say that his statement was not only demeaning to those living with albinism, but also to those living with disabilities. 

The council is also calling on the National Cohesion and Integration Commission to take stern action on Junet.



The Albinism Society of Kenya has also condemned the MP’s remarks, adding that they undo the gains made in educating the public on albinism.


Following the backlash the ODM MP has since issued an apology to people born with albinism. However, he does not apologise to Senator Mwaura and instead insists that Mwaura is a political conman.

His apology has also elicited various reactions with some expressing some level of understanding for him.


While many are still not convinced if his apology is sincere.


Interestingly, others believe Junet’s words that Mwaura is indeed not being sincere in his politics. 


The vocal Senator has had his own share of troubles with claims of disloyalty coming from his own Jubilee Party. 

On Thursday, February 4th, he clashed with the party’s disciplinary committee. He is currently staring at expulsion from his party.

Should Junet offer a proper apology? Do you think Isaac Mwaura is indeed insincere as Junet claims?

Let us know in the comments and keep it C.O.K for more updates.

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